How to Add CBD to Your Daily Routine

by | Jan 7, 2021 | CBD Education

There are millions of people who use CBD on a daily basis. While some use it to help them sleep, others use it to help them start their mornings. For whatever the reason, people from all over the country utilize CBD to assist them in making their days and nights as smooth as possible. 

If you are new to CBD, you might be wondering how you can start adding CBD into your routine. There are countless ways that you can begin including CBD into your everyday life, allowing you to begin reaping the benefits of it — and quickly!

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Adding CBD to Your Daily Routine 

If you are interested in adding CBD to your lifestyle, then look no further. Here are some of the most common ways that people incorporate CBD in to their overall health and wellness plans for themselves:

  • Include CBD with your breakfast — Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so most people say. When you wake up in the morning and get ready to have breakfast, consider adding CBD oil to your coffee or tea (once it’s not piping hot). If you do not drink coffee or tea but make shakes for yourself or other iced drinks in the morning, feel free to add your CBD oil to that. Or, if you take vitamins in the morning, include a CBD capsule along with them.
  • Take CBD before or after exercising — CBD has proven to be highly efficient in increasing muscle agility and energy, which makes it a go-to for many people prior to working out. CBD is also a beneficial therapeutic to take post-exercising, as it can soothe muscle soreness and other physical aches and pains. Choosing to take CBD either prior to or after exercising can be an excellent way to include it into your routine.
  • Use CBD prior to your most stressful part of the day — If you find that you are most stressed out right after lunchtime at work or get stressed during school pick-up, consider taking a CBD supplement prior to that time to help take the edge off. Doing so can promote a sense of calm during a time when you know you are more likely to be stressing out.
  • Use CBD for sleep health — As adults, we often go to bed with a lot on our minds. For many people, they toss and turn for a while before falling asleep. But even if you do not have problems sleeping, adding a CBD supplement to your bedtime routine can help promote healthier, less disruptive sleep, allowing for improved mood and less fatigue.

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Prior to making these decisions, consider asking yourself what it is that you want to get out of using CBD. If it is better quality sleep, try starting off with it at nighttime. If you want to soothe sore muscles after working out, take a supplement when you finish. Being aware of the reasons why you want to take CBD can help you best determine where to start.

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Kyle Turley is a former NFL football offensive tackle. Outspoken with his use of Cannabis and CBD, he credits Cannabis for saving his life and continues to help create policy change around marijuana use in the NFL. He is a member of the Doctors for Cannabis Regulation NFL steering committee and is passionate about helping professional athletes suffering from physical and psychological issues recover with the help of CBD. Learn more about Kyle Turley

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