Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to CBD?

by | Dec 9, 2020 | CBD Education

CBD is marketed as an all-natural substance that helps to improve several different issues, such as anxiety, chronic and acute pain, and even muscle agility. Anytime anything is sold as being all-natural, many people tend to think that they can take it without worrying about any side effects. However, not every all-natural supplement or medication is free from side effects, including allergic reactions. CBD, in most cases, does not cause allergic reactions. However, some people can experience an allergic reaction to CBD oil or other supplements. 

Allergic Reaction to CBD Oil

CBD is taken directly from a hemp or a marijuana plant. Like all other plants, hemp and marijuana plants can produce pollen, one of the most common allergens in the world. However, only male marijuana plants produce pollen, which is one reason why CBD is more frequently derived from female plants. Allergic reactions to CBD are not common partly due to the way in which it is harvested, but that does not mean they can’t happen. 

Scientists have not yet conducted extensive research into allergic reactions to CBD oil, however, some studies have helped us see that a small population of CBD users can experience any or all of the following allergic reactions:


  • Skin reactions —  CBD contains terpenes, which are compounds with antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Two terpenes that are commonly found in CBD include linalool and limonene, which are both capable of reducing stress, adding flavor to food, helping with weight loss, and even treating cancer. Unfortunately, some people develop allergic skin reactions to CBD oil that contains these terpenes, especially those with sensitive skin. These reactions can come in the form of inflammation, blisters, dry skin, or hives.

  • Lung reactions — In some cases, an allergic reaction to CBD oil can occur within the lungs, especially in those who smoke it. That is because CBD contains terpenes that can be irritating but also soothing, and it usually depends on a person’s body chemistry to determine which effect it will produce. Since smoking any substance can be risky, most people simply opt for different means of ingesting CBD if they want to receive its benefits.

  • Breathing problems — CBD that is derived from hemp plants may produce severe allergic reactions. In rare cases, some individuals who have eaten the seeds of hemp plants have suffered anaphylaxis, rash, hives, and swelling. Since there is little information about allergic reactions to CBD oil, taking this into consideration can help.

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CBD Side Effects

If you want to include CBD into your health and wellness plan, know that the likelihood that you are allergic to it is low. However, that does not mean that you should completely let your guard down, especially if you already have pre-existing allergies. Anytime you begin using something you have never used before, be sure to be vigilant if any rashes develop or if you have any swelling around the eyes or mouth. If you develop problems breathing, seek immediate medical attention. 

You can test certain CBD products in small amounts to check for a potential allergic reaction. With CBD muscle rubs, for example, simply place a small amount of the product on your arm or leg in a concentrated area and check back in 24-48 hours. If you don’t see any redness or swelling in that area after the set amount of time, you should be safe to use more of the product. Another common way of using CBD is through oil, placing some drops under the tongue and holding them there for as long as possible. You can start with a very small dose using this method and wait to see if you have a negative reaction. 

In the rare case that you do experience an allergic reaction to CBD, you should stop using all CBD products immediately, just to be safe. The symptoms should dissipate when you stop using CBD. For those who have yet to use CBD oil but are worried about a potential allergy to the product, a skin prick test is one solution. A doctor can diagnose an allergy to CBD by applying a diluted amount of CBD to the skin through a needle. Much like with an at-home test, if the skin where the CBD was applied becomes red or inflamed, the person likely has a CBD allergy.  

Again, it’s important to note that allergies to CBD are uncommon and unlikely to affect most CBD users. Still, any negative side effects of using CBD should be noted and potentially described to a doctor, depending on the severity. 

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If you are concerned about your potential allergy risk related to CBD, speak with your healthcare provider. They should be able to inform you of your risk based on your health history so that you can make an educated decision going forward. At Neuro XPF, we keep ourselves informed of all the latest science. CBD is beneficial for a number of conditions that bother us throughout the day and for conditions that impact us profoundly every waking moment. Shop our CBD Products today.

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