How Can CBD Help Your Immune System?

by | Dec 29, 2020 | CBD Education

The immune system is designed to fight off any diseases, viruses, and other illnesses that you may contract. Of course, the immune system cannot prevent you from getting sick, but it certainly helps in reducing the intensity of the illness as well as the length of time that it sticks around. For example, if you have a healthy immune system, catching the common cold should not hold you back from living your daily life as normal. But, if you have an unhealthy immune system, germs and bacteria can multiply and linger, keeping you sicker for longer. In some cases, a poor immune system can be fatal, as the body cannot fend off the illness. 

We do all types of things to boost our immune system, such as take vitamins, drink lots of water, eat healthy, and exercise. But can adding CBD into the mix also help the immune system? Many people swear by including CBD into their overall health care, however there is still a great deal of research that needs to be conducted to see just how effective it is. You cannot establish a CBD immune system only, as all immune systems need several different elements to stay healthy and function properly. However, CBD can absolutely help in triggering healthy immune responses.

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How Can CBD Help Your Immune System?

CBD is known to help a variety of different conditions, ranging from physical pain to symptoms of psychological illnesses like depression and anxiety. But, CBD also possesses the ability to help boost the immune system and its responses.

CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, meaning that it is able to reduce swelling throughout the body. When a person becomes ill, the immune system inflammatory response is triggered. The cause of the illness (the virus, bacteria, etc.) damage the tissues in the body, which then release chemicals that break blood vessels and in turn, create swelling. CBD has proven to help decrease that swelling, thus aiding in the healing of the body. 

CBD also interacts with cytokines, a group of proteins that work to help manage inflammation and produce white blood cells. The presence of CBD can aid in the function of cytokines, helping reduce illness faster.

It is important to understand that CBD is not to be used in replacement of other medications or antibiotics, as it cannot fight infections, viruses, and bacteria on its own. Many of the common illnesses that people experience, such as colds, the flu, and allergies, are best treated with medications like acetaminophen, diphenhydramine, ibuprofen, etc., as well as with fluids like water and drinks containing electrolytes. CBD for the immune system should be viewed as a supplement in helping the system function better, but definitely not as a singular treatment. 

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