Common Reasons Why Your CBD Oil May Not Be Working

by | Dec 22, 2020 | CBD Education

CBD oil is undoubtedly one of the most highly sought after medications on the market. People are using it for several different purposes, ranging from physical pain and mental distress to improving workouts and promoting sleep. CBD oil has transformed the lives of millions and it continues to do so. But, for some, reaping the benefits of CBD oil can be challenging. They may struggle to feel the effects of it or make those effects last. There are many common reasons why your CBD oil may not be working, but thankfully, most of these issues with CBD can be easily identified and fixed. 

Reasons Why Your CBD Oil Isn’t Working 

If you are taking CBD but feel like it isn’t working because it isn’t helping address your symptoms, there is likely a reason why.

You have low-quality CBD

As mentioned before, CBD has exploded in popularity. As a result, all kinds of people are trying to produce products containing it. But, not all CBD is made with the same level of quality and not all companies producing it are taking the appropriate measures to ensure its efficacy. Consider this as a possible cause if you are not getting results from your CBD. If you are using low-grade CBD, you can remedy this by checking the product online for any available lab testing results. You can also research some of the top CBD brands and buy directly from these reputable places. 

You aren’t taking the appropriate dose 

There is an element of experimentation when it comes to CBD oil, as you may need to spend some time figuring out what dose is appropriate for your needs. If you are new to CBD oil and are not seeing any results when you use it, consider increasing your dose gradually until you start to notice its effects. Remember, CBD is not a psychoactive drug. This means that you will not get high if you take it and you cannot overdose on it. Therefore, it is okay to experiment with doses in this way.

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You need a different consumption method

You might be wondering why CBD oil isn’t working for you if you are not getting anything from it. While CBD oil is effective for most people who take it, sometimes other ways of consuming CBD can be a better fit. CBD also comes in edibles (like gummies), capsules, suppositories, and topical creams. Different ways of ingesting or administering CBD affect bioavailability, the amount of the compound that enters your system and can affect you. Methods that require the CBD to go through your digestive tract may result in less CBD getting into your system and thus prevent you from feeling the results you want. Also, consider the symptoms you are trying to treat before picking a product. A CBD muscle rub and CBD gummies would not be equally effective at treating sore muscles. Keep an open mind and try a different CBD product and see if it gives you the results you are looking for.

Other medications may be inhibiting CBD oil 

Prescription medications, especially antidepressants, create interactions with CBD that are unfavorable. When these interactions occur, they can decrease the effectiveness of both the prescription medication and the CBD oil. Check to see if the medications you are taking can interact with CBD and consider speaking to your prescribing professional if so. 

You have built up a tolerance to CBD

Our bodies are very smart but sometimes, the intelligent processes of the body can work against us. An example of this is with tolerances to certain substances like alcohol, drugs, and even CBD. Over time, your body will become able to metabolize the same amount of CBD quicker and quicker. This will diminish or possibly eliminate the positive effects you feel. If this is the case, don’t worry, it can be fixed in a couple of ways. You can either take some time away from using CBD to rest your system and start over with smaller doses or increase the dose you take. As mentioned earlier, increasing your dose is completely safe so don’t hesitate to do so if needed.

You aren’t waiting long enough

It may sound silly, but you can’t give up on CBD’s ability to help you after a few minutes or after your first use. CBD is generally a fast-acting compound and, depending on your method of consumption, you will feel effects within half an hour to a few hours at the longest. Sometimes, though, it can take longer and you shouldn’t give up on CBD in the meantime. Multiple uses of CBD give your body time to let the compound build-up to a higher level which may help you start to feel the effects. Some people report taking weeks or months before they noticed a difference. This may be discouraging, but with the varied and useful benefits CBD offers, it’s worth waiting for.  

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