How Does CBD Help Muscle Pain?

by | Nov 12, 2020 | CBD Applications

CBD has recently become wildly popular as a solution to all sorts of physical and mental ailments. But how can CBD help muscle pain? So far, however, it has not been thoroughly researched to the extent required to fully understand all of its short-term and long-term effects, both positive and negative. Doctors and scientists around the world are currently conducting in-depth research into CBD to get a better picture of its full range of uses and effects. Soon enough, we’ll know a lot more about it. Even though all the gritty details haven’t been established yet, millions of people nationwide have been using CBD to help them with a range of issues. The vast majority of CBD users agree it is very or extremely useful for treating pain and that anecdotal evidence is hard to ignore. Arguably, the most beneficial aspect of CBD is that it can help reduce muscle pain. That pain relief can change the lives of millions of people for the better. 

How Does CBD Help Muscle Pain?

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system in the body. This system is responsible for aiding in the function of the following:

  • Nutrient transport
  • Energy storage
  • Communication between cells
  • Immune system
  • Appetite and metabolism
  • Memory 

When CBD is consumed orally, topically, or through food, it begins to interact with the endocannabinoid system in ways that improve its function. When it comes to using CBD for muscle pain, it is highly effective because it works to reduce inflammation, alleviate soreness, and increase muscle agility. This tremendously benefits those who suffer from muscle soreness in the following ways:

  • Reduce inflammation — When someone is experiencing muscle pain, most of the time, it’s due to inflammation of the affected muscle. Muscles become inflamed in response to pain as a way to protect against further damage. While the body is working to keep the muscles safe this way, a side effect can be symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to even severe pain. When CBD is used for muscle pain, it goes right to the painful areas and provides some comfort by bringing down that inflammation. 
  • Decrease soreness — Muscular injuries can become tender and sore, even to the touch. This soreness can make it difficult for a person to move those muscles, resulting in difficulty performing certain tasks or even just going about normal daily life. Motion is needed to help keep the muscle healthy and properly functioning. CBD helps reduce pain, allowing those with muscle pain to work those muscles carefully. Then, they do not irritate the muscles further and cause additional soreness. 
  • Increases muscle agility –– CBD has become one of the most popular supplements for athletes and individuals who exercise regularly as it works to help the muscles be more agile. This can help prevent muscle strain and pain and improve an athlete’s physical health at the same time. They can use it before or after workouts but using CBD beforehand can help for a more efficient workout by relaxing the muscles just enough to move them without excessive strain. 

How to Use CBD to Help Muscle Pain

As mentioned earlier, CBD comes in many forms. A wide range of CBD products including oils, rubs, lip balms, capsules, and gummies are available for purchase in stores nationwide. But which of them is best for treating muscle pain specifically?  

Well, CBD muscle rubs, as the name would suggest, are specifically designed with muscle pain in mind. They are applied topically on the affected area and relief of aches and pains can be felt soon after. That’s not to say that other products won’t help with muscle pain, too, though. Depending on what a person prefers, other methods of ingesting or applying CBD could be effective, as well.  

One of the key distinctions that CBD products have over other pain management products is that they are non-habit forming and users can use as much as they deem necessary to relieve their pain. With prescription medication for pain, overuse is a major concern. That just isn’t the case with CBD. You can experiment by starting with small doses and increasing as necessary until you find what works for you to alleviate your muscle pain. 

CBD has changed the game when it comes to dealing with all types of pain, including muscle pain. It provides a healthier, safer option for pain relief in comparison to commonly prescribed prescription pain relief drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone. CBD is non-habit forming, making it a medication to treat such pain that users can rely upon without worrying about overuse or addiction. The issues that a person might have otherwise experienced with the use of prescription drugs are no longer a threat when they use CBD to help treat muscle pain.

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