What is the Difference Between MCT and CBD Oil?

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With numerous homeopathic options, two of the most widely used are CBD and MCT. But what are the differences between MCT and CBD? At first glance, the two might appear the same or very similar but there are some key differences between them. 

For centuries, people have looked for natural remedies for common health problems such as muscle pain, difficulty concentrating, and low energy levels. While there are dozens of prescription and over-the-counter medications that can help address these and other issues, many people choose to opt for a more natural solution. They often have less dramatic associated side effects, can be less expensive, and serve multiple functions. That is why homeopathic medications remain a staple in the medicine cabinets of millions throughout the world. 

What is the Difference Between MCT and CBD Oil?

CBD oil is, by far, one of the most sought-after natural substances on the market. It is most frequently used to treat physical pain ranging from mild to severe but it is also effective at promoting healthy sleep, reducing symptoms of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, and improving energy. CBD (cannabidiol) can be derived either from hemp or from cannabis plants but it does not possess any mind-altering effects in either form and is not intoxicating or habit-forming.  

It is common for CBD oil to be taken orally. To do this, individuals use a dropper and put their desired dose under the tongue. The general recommendation is to hold the oil under the tongue for as long as possible before swallowing it as it enters into the bloodstream faster that way. One of the most significant advantages of CBD oil is that users have the freedom to choose as large a dose as they need since there is no risk of using too much and overdosing. There has never been a reported case of a CBD overdose. 

On the other hand, medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, can be found in a plethora of foods such as coconut oil, cheese, milk, yogurt, and butter. They occur naturally in these foods but are usually artificially manufactured when they are sold as the ingredient alone, most commonly in the form of MCT oil.

Hemp Derived CBD + MCT Oils
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MCT Oil made from coconuts rapidly converts into keytones that help fuel your brain and muscles. They generate long-lasting energy to power your mental and physical workouts.

Benefits of MCT Oil

Like CBD oil, MCT oil is taken orally. However, unlike CBD oil, MCT oil is essentially tasteless. This makes it more pleasant to consume right from the bottle or mix in food. The benefits associated with consuming MCT oil can include the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Increased energy
  • Manage symptoms associated with mental health conditions like Alzheimer’s and autism
  • Aid in managing blood sugar levels
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve digestion
  • Preventing yeast and other skin infections 

While MCT has many purposes, it is arguably the most popular among athletes and other health and fitness junkies. That is because consuming MCT oil both produces energy and helps burn fat fast. Medium-chain triglycerides go right to the liver and immediately help move along the digestion process. As a result, the body produces more ketones, which helps to make use of fat as energy. 

Additionally, MCT oil is given to premature babies and newborns to help promote healthy digestion. It works by lubricating the intestines which reduces gas and makes bowel movements easier for preemies and infants. 

Choosing Between CBT and MCT Oil

So, the key differences between MCT and CBD oils are in the primary uses: increasing energy levels and pain management, respectively. The sources of these oils are also different, with CBD oil derived from cannabis and hemp and MCT derived from oils like coconut and palm oil. Interestingly, CBD and MCT oils can be used together for increased benefits because MCT helps to improve the absorption of CBD.  

The oil that is best for you will depend on the individual health issue that you are looking to improve and how you would prefer to ingest or administer the oil. For those who think they might struggle with holding CBD oil under their tongue for as long as possible, MCT oil might be a better option since you can consume it in a variety of ways. You can put it in smoothies, other drinks, or even on food and not notice it since it is flavorless and odorless, something which is not the case with CBD oil.  

The risks associated with both oils, though more scientific research is required, appear to be minimal. One common side effect of using CBD oil is drowsiness and some people experience nausea. With MCT oil, an upset stomach can be a symptom that new users experience, though it’s likely to go away after a few days of use. 

Both CBD and MCT oil are great natural options for treating a variety of health problems ranging from minor to severe. Depending on what symptoms exactly you’re trying to treat, one might be a better choice than the other. 

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