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A big hit of CBD in a little bottle.

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Former NFL player

Kyle Turley

Turley suffered from numerous neurological problems after retiring in 2007. But all of that is behind him now.

Kyle has a passion for helping all athletes become aware of the benefits of CBD, a cannabinoid found in Hemp plants, that is shaking up the nation.


All Neuro XPF products are THC FREE! We use a special CO2 Extracting process to isolate the CBD, working hard to preserve the terpenes to modulate the effect of our CBD. This adds that little extra punch to Neuro XPF product so they taste better and provide more beneficial qualities.

I came with a purpose – to find the answer, I knew that there was something there. That’s what I found, thank God

Kyle Turley

on CBS Radio's Ferral on the Beach


At Neuro XPF we are passionate about CBD, so we keep ourselves informed of all the latest 
science. CBD is beneficial for a number of conditions that bother us throughout the day, or for 
conditions which impact us profoundly every waking moment. Check out our FAQs for more info.