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About Us

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About Us

The Best CBD In The Game.

We combine superior ingredients, manufacturing, testing and customer service to ensure consistently high quality, high potency, high performance CBD products that deliver game-changing results.

Our Mission

Neuro XPF delivers the healing, health-giving power of CBD to people of all ages.

We develop, formulate and distribute high quality hemp CBD products that are safe and effective.

We educate people about the growing range of physical and mental health benefits CBD provides.

We advocate the use of CBD to help:

  • Protect against the debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries sustained in sports, accidents and military service.
  • Reduce the rampant use of opioid painkillers, and prevent opioid dependency and addiction.
Our Vision

Neuro XPF CBD products will be integral to the optimal health, nutrition, performance and safety of professional and amateur athletes of all ages.

Our products will serve sports teams on the sidelines, in the dugouts, at courtside and ringside, and on pit lane. They will be in the training rooms and locker rooms of youth, college and major league sports organizations throughout North America.

Hospitals and first responders will include our products in their standard protocols for treating inflammation, traumatic brain injuries, strokes and other physical and neurological conditions.

Consumers will find Neuro XPF CBD products in stores everywhere. Our therapeutic CBD will be recognized as household first aid for chronic pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, concussions and more.

We will constantly develop new CBD products that better protect the body and brain, and optimize overall health.

The NXPF Difference

Not all CBD products are the same. Many poor quality products contain far less CBD than you’re led to believe. Many cheaper products deliver few, if any, real benefits, and little value for the money.

Neuro XPF CBD products meet of exceed the highest standards of quality, performance and effectiveness to help ensure you get maximum bioavailability, benefits, protection and value. Every time.

Certified Organic

From seed to sale, all NXPF products are Certified Organic. All of our hemp plants are grown without the use of toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other artificial agents. And they contain no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Certified US Hemp

All of our hemp is grown in the United States and complies with all federal and state agricultural regulations and standards. Hemp grown in other countries may not meet U.S. quality standards or comply with all regulations.

Single Supply Source

The CBD and other key ingredients in NXPF products are sourced from a single FDA-certified supplier to ensure high availability, consistency and quality.

Proprietary Formulas

Neuro XPF products start with CBD oil extracted from certified organic, American-grown industrial hemp, using a state of the art CO2 extraction and/or distillation processes. We add high quality terpenes and other active ingredients to optimize the bioavailability, effects and benefits of our products.

Third-Party Product Testing

Every batch of every Neuro XPF product is tested by a reputable, independent laboratory to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and delivers the precise amount of CBD, nutrients and other ingredients stated on the label.

You can view all of our batch test results on You can also scan the QR code on any Neuro XPF package and verify the test results for that specific product.

Kyle's Story

Former NFL All-Pro offensive lineman Kyle Turley suffered more than 100 concussions and other debilitating injuries during his eight-year career. He retired with an addiction to opioids and was diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease, seizures, vertigo and psychological problems associated with traumatic brain injuries.

Kyle became a passionate advocate for improved football player safety, healthcare and pension benefits. He took the NFL, the player’s union and even the U.S. Congress to task for ignoring these pervasive problems. He also helped create the NFL Life Line, a confidential, 24/7 hotline to assist current and former NFL players in crisis.

As a result of his injuries, Kyle endured years of depression, uncontrollable rages and violent, even suicidal behavior that nearly cost him everything. That all changed when he discovered the healing, health-giving power of CBD.

“CBD has allowed me to manage pain, cope with the effects of traumatic brain injuries and eliminate my need for prescription opioids,” Kyle states. “It helped save my family, my home and my life.”

Kyle made it his mission to bring the game-changing benefits of CBD to everyone, especially athletes. And in 2016, he and his wife, Stacy, founded Neuro XPF, and created a full line of high quality, THC-free, hemp CBD products.

Kyle believes CBD can protect against the life-threatening effects of traumatic brain injuries sustained in sports, accidents and military service. He is committed to educating everyone, especially athletes and parents with children participating in sports and other high-risk activities, about the neuroprotective benefits of CBD.


Kyle Turley

Honorary Team Captain
Co-Founder, NXPF

Kyle Turley is a former NFL All-Pro offensive lineman whose career spanned nine seasons with the New Orleans Saints, the St. Louis Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs. He is also a passionate advocate of football player safety and health issues, and the co-founder of Neuro XFP.

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Kyle’s reputation for ferocious, some say dangerous, play may have earned him official NFL “bay boy” status, two Pro Bowl honors, an All Pro nod, and an appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But let’s face it, he’s best remembered for the infamous helmet-tossing incident in a game between the Saints and the New York Jets in 2001.

The Saints were driving and had a chance to tie the score with less than a minute left. Quarterback Aaron Brooks scrambled to the Jets five yard line, but, after the tackle, safety Damien Robinson grabbed Brooks’ facemask, bent him over backwards and almost twisted his head off.

Kyle did not like this one bit. So, he grabbed Robinson by the helmet, lifted him into the air and slammed him into the ground. Then he tore off Robinson’s helmet, and threw it across the field.  Not a good decision, Kyle was ejected as a result of the incident. However, Saints fans loved how Kyle stood up for his teammate. 

This pretty much sums up Kyle in a nutshell. He’s uber protective, he has “a temper,” he never runs away from a fight, and he throws helmets like a girl. Yet, he’s quite lovable in a ruggedly-handsome-nut-job kinda way. His wife Stacy would add “also a great husband and father” to this summary.

After his retirement from football, Kyle moved to Nashville to pursue a music career. His Kyle Turley Band cut a couple albums, toured with Hank Williams III and opened for a few other no-name artists like George Jones, Eric Church, Jake Owen, Joe Nichols, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kansas.

As a board member of Mike Ditka’s Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, Kyle continues to help retired NFL players deal with debilitating football-related health issues, as well as inadequate medical and pension benefits. He has taken the league, the player’s union and even the U.S. Congress to task for ignoring these critical problems. He was also instrumental in creating the NFL Life Line, a confidential, 24/7 hotline to help current and former NFL players in crisis.

Kyle is also a tireless advocate of educating youth sports programs and parents about preventing head injuries and improving sports safety.

Stacy Turley

Chief Whatever-Needs-to-Be-Done Officer
Co-Founder, NXPF

Stacy is a multitalented, multitasking marvel who manages NXPF’s projects, wholesale and retail accounts, affiliates, new business contacts, and team members, all while running the Turley household, raising and educating two kids, and keeping her bull of a husband, Kyle, out of the proverbial china shop.

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Stacy has embraced this role having witnessed how NXPF’s CBD products can do so much good for so many people, she considers the company a mission and her new job a calling.  Stacy attended Ole Miss with a major in Marketing and a minor in Having a Good Time. She worked as a model, worked in corporate Human Resources, and dabbled in residential real estate.  All this before she took on her most challenging role of PTA Board Member.   While on a weekend trip with friends in New Orleans, Stacy literally ran into Kyle at a karaoke bar on Bourbon Street. The sparks flew and the rest is history. After 19 years of marriage,17 moves around the country, and two beautiful children, they’re still going strong!

In her free time, well, Stacy has no free time. But if she did, she’d love to spend it reading, baking, golfing, and having fun at the beach with her family.

Diane Sinclair

Chaos Manager

Diane Sinclair stands alone, smack in the middle of the intersection of product procurement, order fulfillment and customer service. She’s the traffic cop who keeps everything flowing smoothly with a bare minimum of snarling, screeching and crashing.

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Diane has been a manager and sales rep since kindergarten. Or maybe it just seems that long. But, for some mysterious, possibly karmic reason, she has always worked at the business end of the medical field as an Account Executive, Medical Equipment Specialist, Business Manager, Office Manager and CFO.

Diane graduated from Northern Virginia Community College with a degree in Veterinary Technology and became a licensed Veterinary Nurse/Technician. Never content to rest on her laurels or her peppy patootie, she put her degree and certifications to work at an animal hospital, while earning a BS in Biology from George Mason University.

She cut her management teeth while running the office and customer service department for a medical equipment start-up. After 10 years, she had learned more about business and bean-counting than she ever thought possible, without her head exploding.

Diane went on to work with Patterson Veterinary Supply, Animal Health International, Innovative Veterinary Diets and Montrose Animal Health Center. Do you sense another pattern here? She absolutely loves animals.

In 2016, Diane bravely assumed the Business Manager mantle at NXPF. She manages all back-office functions, procurement, vendor relations, ordering, shipping and customer service operations. And anything else that could possibly happen on any given day.

When she’s not keeping NXPF’s lights burning and wheels turning, Diane volunteers at an equine rescue group where she is passionate about touching horses. Apparently, that’s a thing these days. She’s also an experienced equestrienne, riding English, hunter/jumper and Dressage since her twenties.

Her love of animals extends to her three “fur children” – two kitties and a 70-pound rescue mutt who is her dearly loved and helpful constant companion.

Diane’s greatest accomplishment has been constantly baffling people who try to guess her age. She stays fit and still looks great in her 94-year-old mother’s hand-me-down genes.

Virginia Martino

Marketing Maven

Virginia Martino generates enough energy to light up the Las Vegas Strip. She has more guts than Elon Musk and a mainframe marketing mind that discerns new opportunities and brings them to life in the marketplace.

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The quintessential entrepreneur, Virginia started her award-winning graphic design firm, Tusk Studios, a mere two years after graduating from Bozeman State University in her native Montana. Never busy enough, she also became the co-owner and publisher of Las Vegas Magazine and transformed it into the city’s authoritative arts, fashion and entertainment bi-monthly.

Nonetheless, Virginia anticipated the explosive growth and massive marketing power all things digital. She dismantled her two thriving businesses and created BRAND Ltd., a full-service, integrated marketing and communications company. She also recognized the importance of “the brand” and it’s potential to build loyal trust relationships with consumers, and included a unique, comprehensive brand development process in the company’s arsenal of services.

Virginia cracked the code for running a capable, nimble and profitable business in an era of constantly changing technologies, strategies and tactics. She has developed innovative partnerships with successful businesses and individuals whose strengths and skills complement BRAND’s. This evolving, virtual team extends BRAND’s ability to serve more diverse and specialized client needs.

But branding, marketing and scandalous stories aren’t Virginia’s only passions. She and her husband, Mark V. Martino, the Co-Founder of BRAND, share a love for excellent food and wine, as well as The Arts. They created Odyssey Lifestyle, a company dedicated to celebrating fine living through gourmet dining, luxury travel, art exhibitions and publishing.

Virginia is an executive board member of The Darren Waller Foundation and actively promotes its mission to prevent substance abuse. Waller, an impact player for the Las Vegas Raiders, uses this national platform to share his experience with substance abuse and foster a safe and encouraging environment for at-risk youth throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Virginia is also passionate about her role as a founding partner of Innocents In Need, a new federated charity that focuses on restoring the lives of child sex trafficking survivors. Our mission is to build long-term residential care facilities around the country to provide a safe place where their healing journeys may begin.

In her spare time, Virginia enjoys hiking, biking, golfing, traveling and rooting for her beloved Vegas Golden Knights and Las Vegas Raiders. But she’s always looking for a new business to build and another mountain to climb.

NXPF in the Media


Good Works

Neuro XPF is proud to contribute our time, energy and support to worthwhile causes and organizations that
make a positive impact on the health and safety of athletes and our communities.

Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund

Neuro XPF Co-Founder Kyle Turley is an emeritus member of the Board of Directors for the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund (GGAF). Since 2007, this non-profit organization has provided critical medical and financial assistance, and social services to retired NFL players in dire need.

Many of these players helped build the NFL into a global sports juggernaut decades before adequate salaries, health insurance, pensions and medical care were available. As a result, many lack the means to cope with physical limitations and mental illness, and to secure the basic necessities required to maintain their quality of life.

Kyle continues to raise awareness and funds to support the programs that assist these Gridiron Greats. He also helps educate current and former players about the career- and life-threatening effects of concussions that are all too common in football and other sports.

NXPF also provides special discounts on our neuroprotective products to former players struggling with the debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries sustained throughout their years in the game.