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Is It Better to Take CBD in the Morning or Evening?

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Is It Better to Take CBD in the Morning or Evening?

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Is It Better to Take CBD in the Morning or Evening?

CBD is becoming more and more popular with every passing day in health supplements. It has proven itself to be an extremely beneficial product that has overcome the reputation forced upon it by its progenitor. Given how useful CBD is, it should come as no surprise that the supplements born from it are as diverse as its medicinal benefits. CBD comes in many forms, and it has spawned an industry unto itself where countless dispensaries and vendors can offer their products with ease. Despite this business boom for CBD products, there is still some confusion and uncertainty surrounding CBD that would be better answered as soon as possible.

One such question has a great deal to do with the timing of using a CBD supplement. Despite the many benefits it has to offer, figuring out exactly when to take your supplement can be a difficult detail to iron out without information on how CBD affects your system. Several variables determine whether you should start your day off with a CBD supplement or if it should be the way you end your day. This article aims to provide a little more insight into what time of day you should take your CBD supplement of choice.

Are You Taking CBD for Anxiety?

One of the key factors determining the best time to take CBD revolves around why you are taking it. One of the chief benefits of CBD is that it provides relief from certain mental issues like anxiety. For the most part, such conditions require extensive psychological evaluation to ensure that your mental state is healthy.

We want to preface this by stating that there is absolutely no shame in seeking such treatment. When dealing with anxiety, most psychological facilities will prescribe pharmaceutical medication to help you cope with the effects of anxiety and other mental health conditions that anxiety is related to. However, CBD has become a powerful alternative for these medications.

This probably strikes you as an exaggeration of what CBD supplements are capable of. However, there is research supporting the effects of CBD against anxiety that have turned it into a popular mental health tool. Brazil took a group of 57 men and subjected them to a simulated public speaking test. However, the subjects were divided into test and control groups. The former was given a 300 mg dose of CBD via an oral supplement, and the latter was provided a placebo. After the test was complete, those given the CBD supplement showed notably decreased anxiety. This is just one of several studies conducted on CBD for anxiety management that proves it a viable option for managing your anxiety.

Taking CBD For Anxiety

However, taking CBD for anxiety means you need to carefully manage when you take the CBD. If you are preparing to take CBD for anxiety, you will want to take it before the event that will trigger your anxiety. For example, if you are anxious about a particularly busy day at work, you want to take your CBD in the morning before going into the office, so it has time to kick in before you arrive. This way, your anxiety does not spike when trying to accomplish a specific task. However, sometimes anxiety can cause issues before that busy day even arrives.

If your anxiety relates to something that is upcoming and it is affecting your ability to sleep, it changes when you should take the CBD. For example, anxiety can often cause insomnia and leave you exhausted and unable to face the next day’s challenges. While CBD lacks a drowsing effect, it can ease anxiety and allow you to relax long enough to fall asleep. Those who have chronic insomnia have even combined their CBD intake with melatonin supplements to ensure a restful night. In these cases, you would want to take your CBD before bed and allow your body enough time to relax so you are not tossing and turning.

CBD can be beneficial for managing your mental state, with evidence supporting its use in fighting back nightmares from post-traumatic stress disorders. However, not every issue solved by CBD relates to the mental. There is another use for CBD that can affect your dosage timeline.

Are You Taking CBD for Pain Management?

CBD’s benefits for the human mind are nothing short of extraordinary. However, it is not the full extent of the uses of CBD. While anxiety and other mental issues are unfortunately common problems across the globe, there is another common issue. Pain derived from physical trauma is an equally common and almost equally unpleasant problem for many people.

Physical pain is common enough that the pharmaceutical industry has done a hearty business by producing painkillers and muscle relaxers to help treat the symptoms. Whether you have been in a car accident, suffered a sports injury, or have a disease like arthritis, the pain will be an issue for you. However, CBD has become a tool for this as well.

Current research suggests that CBD interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. This system has a direct role in managing our immune systems, pain response, and even inducing sleep. These neurotransmitters are a key aspect of how our bodies can deal with pain from any source.

Suffering From Headache

One of the most common types of pain CBD can treat is back and nerve pain, which can arise from traumatic injury or diseases like fibromyalgia. There was a survey where 2,701 fibromyalgia patients claimed that the use of CBD helped alleviate the pain they felt as a result. CBD is quickly cementing its place as a pain management tool in modern medicine, which is fitting given that humans used it for this purpose back in 2,900 B.C. However, the timing of CBD’s use for pain management is still a matter of some concern.

There are a few more variables involved when it comes to pain management. For the most part, CBD for pain is generally performed when the pain starts to flare up. However, this is subject to another variable we will be discussing momentarily. If the pain is the chronic sort you are dealing with from the moment you wake and throughout the day, then the answer is clear.

You would do well to take your CBD supplement first thing in the morning so the effects settle in as soon as possible and last as long as they can before another dose is needed. Alternatively, if your pain only flares up at a certain point of the day or due to a common activity, the time you take the CBD changes, and you should take it before those times.

Regardless of what you use CBD for, there is one inescapable factor of CBD use that has a profound effect on when you take CBD. This particular aspect will have a more direct role in what time you take the CBD and how it is taken.

How Are You Taking CBD?

Perhaps one of the biggest details affecting when you take CBD is the medium used to administer it. CBD is a highly adaptable product that has been refined into a wide assortment of forms, each consumed in different ways. The way these products are taken will directly impact how quickly the CBD actually kicks in and how long it lasts.

You might have noticed that, thus far, this article has made no mention of how long it takes for CBD’s effects to take hold. This is because it is not a universal answer and will change depending on what kind of CBD supplement you take. Currently, three major CBD product types exist and are administered in different ways and absorbed at different rates. These are:

  • CBD Ingestibles: These include edibles and CBD oil.
  • CBD Inhalants: These include CBD vape fluid and cartridges.
  • CBD Topicals: These include CBD creams and balms.

These three CBD product types are applied differently, and so the body absorbs them at different rates. So, whether you take them in the morning or evening, the medium will help you narrow down a specific time. First, there are ingestible CBD products like edibles and CBD oil that are administered orally. In some ways, ingestible CBD products are the most effective but require a little more care when timing their use.

This is because CBD products you ingest need to go through the same digestive process that the food we eat does. As a result, ingestible CBD takes the longest to kick in and lasts the longest. Depending on certain metabolic factors, CBD edibles can last up to 7 hours before wearing off, meaning taking a CBD edible in the morning with breakfast can allow you 7 hours of relief with only around an hour of waiting.

CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Inhalants are the exact opposite of ingestible CBD, however. CBD inhalants allow you to introduce the CBD directly into your bloodstream via the lungs, allowing it rapid access to your body. Due to this, inhaling CBD allows the effects to be felt within 30 seconds of the initial hit. However, our bloodstreams cleanse themselves much more regularly than our stomachs do, so inhaled CBD only lasts a few hours instead of the 7 hours afforded by ingestible CBD. This means that inhalants are best used when rapid pain management is necessary since the effects do not last long enough to make them effective throughout the whole day. To try would mean taking another hit any time the effects wore off.

Finally, there are CBD topicals, which are relatively new. These are simply CBD-infused lotions and creams applied to the skin and absorbed through the pores. The exact science behind the time it takes to absorb the effects of the CBD and how long they last is not fully understood. Early studies suggest a similar rate to CBD edibles, but we are still learning about how effective CBD topicals are. If you want to use them, it is probably best to apply them in the morning if you need the effects to last through the day or at night if you are having trouble sleeping. However, CBD topicals are still being studied to understand their timeframe fully.

There is more information about how the different mediums work, but these essentials will allow you to craft a CBD schedule. Now that you know what kind of CBD mediums exist for your use, there is only one issue left. The acquisition of quality CBD products for you to apply on your ideal schedule.

X-perience CBD

You came to this article hoping to learn whether it is best to take your CBD supplement first thing in the morning or late. The answer is that it depends on your situation and medium. Your CBD experience will be tailored to your specific needs, meaning that you need to take the CBD at a time before your issues become pressing. It would be best to also account for the time it takes for your specific CBD medium to work.

These variables will determine whether you take your CBD in the morning, evening, or afternoon. CBD is a time-tested product, so its benefits are not in doubt, but a little experimentation will be necessary if you want to make sure they work for you. Once you have a firm grasp on your schedule and have factored in all the details of your unique circumstances, you need to find a CBD product in the medium of your choice.


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