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4 Ways That CBD May Help Burnout and Exhaustion

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4 Ways That CBD May Help Burnout and Exhaustion

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4 Ways That CBD May Help Burnout and Exhaustion

The human mind and body can only handle so much before it finally wears out. This exhaustion wrought from the daily stresses of life can lead to you completely burning out on the parts of your life that you cannot afford to stop. Even the things you enjoy doing can become burdensome when worn down from doing them.

This exhaustion is a common issue amongst Americans, making it difficult for us to find a way to power through and recover. Unfortunately, the resources available for fighting off exhaustion-induced burnout are far and few between. This has led many to consider the benefits of CBD supplements to help with both conditions.

While CBD has become a popular and common health supplement, its effects on exhaustion and burnout are up for debate. There is plenty of scientific data supporting CBD’s benefits, but licensed medical professionals seldom prescribe it for burnout. This means some people might wonder whether CBD is effective for such a condition.

Fortunately, CBD has several benefits that may translate to helping alleviate burnout and exhaustion.

#1: It Eases Anxiety

Perhaps the most important benefit of CBD regarding burnout and exhaustion is its effects on anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most common and debilitating mental disorders that can afflict humans. It makes it very difficult for us to find peace of mind and relax enough to rest up and reflect on what might be stressing us out about life. Anxiety can make it next to impossible for us to do anything since we are stressed about things beyond our control. This is especially true for those who suffer from anxiety that plagues them. Trying to do anything while suffering from anxiety can increase the odds of burnout.

However, one of the most significant issues that anxiety can cause is insomnia. We need sleep to function, as a lack of sleep can actively diminish our capacity for complex thought or focus. Additionally, a lack of sleep leads to exhaustion, which makes it difficult to take joy in any activity when all we want is to go to sleep. This exhaustion directly affects how we burn out on certain activities.

CBD Easing Anxiety Symptoms

Fortunately, CBD has shown enormous potential in helping to cope with mental health issues like anxiety. Specifically, CBD oil has been recorded to help children and adults reduce nightmares induced by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As surprising as that might be, this has been corroborated by a study conducted in 2019. The study used a sample pool of 11 adult patients in a psychiatric facility. All subjects had PTSD diagnoses and were given CBD oil over eight weeks. The result showed that the subjects had reduced anxiety and nightmares caused by their PTSD and could relax.

By relieving anxiety and PTSD, CBD will enable you to rest easier and minimize stressors that would exhaust you. By minimizing exhaustion, you, in turn, minimize the odds of burning out on work or other activities. The mitigation of anxiety symptoms also helps prevent you from becoming so nervous about these activities that you lose all motivation to do them.

#2: It Helps With Physical Pain

While physical pain is only a minor contributor to burnout and exhaustion, it does play a fairly significant role. When we suffer from chronic pain, it becomes harder to rest or perform tasks, especially when we are afflicted with a pang of pain in the middle of them. Constant pain can make life miserable and impact your mood. No one likes to be in pain, and even fewer people like performing any task while in pain. Pain puts a physical strain on our bodies and an emotional strain on our minds, so it can be part of why you find yourself burning out if you are working or socializing while suffering from pain.

The reason pain is such a detriment to our mental state is that it causes our bodies to tense up in response. This tension is meant to pass when the pain subsides, but the tension persists if you suffer from chronic pain. This tension has a two-fold effect on us, with the physical tension actively wearing down our physical stamina. The more pain we suffer during the day, the longer our body tenses, and the more exhausted we become.

Similarly, the more tense our bodies are, the more mentally draining it is, as pain influences our focus and mood. Eventually, we become so exhausted from the pain combined with the strain of trying to perform a task or socialize that we quickly burn out on the activity.

Physical Pain

Once again, CBD seems to be able to offer a solution to this predicament. One of the more common uses for CBD products is for pain management. CBD has been proven to provide a range of effects that help mitigate and even eliminate chronic pain for extended periods. This benefit dates to 2900 B.C., when cannabis plants were first discovered and used in primitive medicine. This is because CBD can interface with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which triggers our pain response. However, CBD’s effects on pain seem to result from CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammation is a major part of chronic pain. While inflammation is part of the pain response, chronic pain causes inflammation to last longer than it should and exacerbate the pain instead. However, studies have shown that CBD is capable of reducing inflammation and causing the associated pain to subside as a result. By reducing the consistency of our pain, our bodies can relax and repair, minimizing the mental and emotional strain. This relieves us of the exhaustion it causes and prevents us from burning out on anything we might have had to do while in pain.

#3: It Has Neuroprotective Properties

While exhaustion and subsequent burnout are typically the byproducts of other symptoms, there are conditions where they are the main symptoms. One such condition is chronic fatigue syndrome, a neurological issue that disrupts our nervous system and causes us to be exhausted even after a full night’s sleep while making it difficult to focus or retain information. The worst part about chronic fatigue syndrome is that the exact cause remains a mystery to modern medicine, though there are a few unconfirmed theories. Ultimately, chronic fatigue syndrome, or ME/CFS, can leave us utterly exhausted and destroy our motivation to do much of anything.

If left untreated, ME/CFS can lead to lifelong complications that devastate our daily lives. It makes us unable to socialize or go to work and can lead to depression, meaning burnout is a minor consequence of the condition. ME/CFS, while disruptive and debilitating, is not untreatable. However, no cure exists, and the treatments are primarily designed to treat the symptoms of the disease. One of the treatment options just so happens to be CBD.

Suffering From Chronic Fatigue

CBD has neuroprotective properties that allow it to improve the quality of life in people suffering from serious conditions. Conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease are among some of the most devastating illnesses in the world. However, CBD has proven to be a useful tool in restoring sleep quality and minimizing other symptoms such as fatigue and fever.

CBD’s neuroprotective properties are so effective with these diseases that it has been evaluated for use against ME/CFS. Unfortunately, that research is still in its infancy. The reason researchers have high hopes for CBD in this regard has to do with CBD’s ability to interact with brain cells.

In 2017, a paper pointed out that CBD can diminish the activity of glia in the brain. Glia are non-neuronal brain cells that can occasionally cause central sensitization. This causes our central nervous system to become hypersensitive and inhibit necessary biological functions. CBD’s ability to interact with the brain in this capacity makes it a strong contender against ME/CFS and other fatigue-inducing medical conditions that can impact our motivation.

While minor compared to the other symptoms of ME/CFS, burnout is still a major concern. If CBD can fight this debilitating condition back, the rate of burnout in those suffering from chronic fatigue should diminish.

#4: It Can Treat Burnout Directly

While CBD can treat many conditions that cause burnout and exhaustion, we must still wonder if it can simply treat them directly. Interestingly enough, there is evidence supporting the idea that it can. Burnout is extremely difficult to treat because the cause can be either mental, neurological, or physical. While some are easier to treat than others, the mental aspect is still trickier. While CBD can help with depression and anxiety, sometimes burnout is just a matter of psychology and cannot be tracked to a specific condition. This means that, for some, the only recourse for fighting burnout has been therapy.

However, recent studies suggest that CBD can be used to mitigate the effects of burnout when combined with therapy. Back in 2021, at the very beginning of December, a study was conducted on healthcare workers experiencing burnout syndrome.

Suffering From Burnout

The study took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the emotional and mental toll inflicted by the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare workers suffered disproportionate levels of burnout during the pandemic compared to every other profession. The study took 118 Brazilian healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and physical therapists. The providers were all physically fit and seemed to be suffering burnout as a psychological issue.

The subjects were divided into two groups that were given different treatments. The groups consisted of:

  • Control: The control group served as a baseline, with the healthcare workers in this group receiving support therapy. This consisted of meetings with psychiatric professionals, motivational videos, and low-impact physical exercises.
  • Intervention: The intervention group received the same support therapy, with the main difference being CBD. Each member of the intervention group was given 150 mg of CBD twice a day.

By the time the study came to an end, it was revealed that CBD greatly assisted the subjects in mitigating their burnout syndrome. The results showed that the intervention group showed a superior reduction in burnout syndrome than the control group. The intervention group also had lessened depression and anxiety, confirming CBD’s mental health benefits. While unique, this study proved that CBD might be able to treat burnout syndrome and exhaustion directly. However, combining CBD with therapy sessions might improve those results as well.

The power of CBD on ailments mental, neurological, and physical seems to be irrefutable as more studies are conducted. So, CBD might be the solution you need for those who suffer from burnout. This leaves only one question. Where can you find quality CBD?

X-perience CBD

CBD’s growing list of benefits continues to overpower the previous stigma. More and more people use it for their needs with each passing day. CBD is still earning a name when it comes to burning out or suffering from exhaustion. However, all evidence points to CBD being the next major tool for combatting burnout and exhaustion. CBD’s ability to relax our minds and bodies is nothing short of amazing, but there is still so much that needs to be considered. If you plan on using CBD for your needs, you will need to be positive that the product you use will not do more harm than good.

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