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FAQ: Can CBD Creams Actually Help With Joint Pain?

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FAQ: Can CBD Creams Actually Help With Joint Pain?

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FAQ: Can CBD Creams Actually Help With Joint Pain?

CBD’s rise to relevance has been a direct result of its benefits for human health. CBD has become such a popular tool for so many facets of physical and mental care that it has been refined into multiple forms. It has been turned into everything from oils to edibles. The uses of CBD in pain management have made it a highly sought-after supplement by most who suffer from chronic issues.

Joint pain is a common issue that makes acquiring a suitable supplement to treat it the ideal solution. With all the different types of CBD products out there, it seems as though you would be hard-pressed not to find a suitable supplement. However, there is another form that CBD can take.

While most CBD supplements are oils and edibles, there are also topical creams marketed for pain management. First, however, we must ask whether or not CBD cream is viable for treating joint pain. Given that joint pain is a more complicated issue than more common injuries you might sustain, the efficacy of a topical cream to treat it might be questionable. With this article, we hope to provide some insight into how CBD creams might or might not be able to help you with joint pain.

What is CBD Cream?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most important and commonly harvested compounds found in cannabis plants. Due to its many benefits and recent legalization in medicine, it has been refined into supplements. These supplements are introduced through mediums like edibles, vape fluid, and topical creams. While very different from the other possible introduction methods, these topical creams are essentially the same in terms of ingredients. CBD creams involve CBD in the manufacture of skin lotion similar to what might be found in a pharmacy. The only significant difference between them is the use of a cannabis byproduct.

However, creams are radically different from other CBD products. Unlike the more common CBD supplements, the cream involves applying to the skin to absorb the effects rather than inhalation or ingestion. This also means that CBD creams have a different absorption rate than other mediums and will take effect at a different pace than the ones you might be familiar with. When it comes to CBD creams, the amount of time it will take for the product to take hold is not very well known. This is because it has to be absorbed via the pores in your skin, and it can be expected to take a little longer than even the ingested supplements that need to be digested.

CBD Cream

One detail that you should note about CBD creams is that they are almost always made using broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum refers to a type of CBD that is processed to eliminate most, if not all, concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the product. THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants, so this is a fundamental distinction.

CBD creams are straightforward, much like any other CBD supplement. First, you need to determine the proper amount of cream necessary to ensure it is effective and apply it to the afflicted joint’s area. Next, your skin will work to absorb and integrate the CBD into your body to induce its effects. In this regard, CBD creams are applied in the same way that typical skin lotions are used. So, you will have little to no trouble taking advantage of the benefits that CBD cream might have to offer.

CBD creams and lotions can supply an adequate concentration of CBD, just as any other supplement. The real question lies in whether or not topical CBD is effective enough to provide relief for chronic pain in the joints. Fortunately, in that regard, there is some scientific evidence we can evaluate to figure that out.

Can CBD Cream Treat Joint Pain?

CBD cream is a topical supplement that might make it seem unlikely that it can offer pain relief in any capacity. Let alone relieving joint pain. However, CBD is a well-known tool for pain management that has become immensely popular. While edibles and vape fluid have shown remarkable benefits toward pain management, they had the benefit of being administered directly into your internal systems. Conversely, topicals are applied on a dermal level that inhibits access to the joints they are meant to heal. That said, there is evidence that these topical creams are still very much able to treat joint pain in a similar capacity to the more traditional CBD supplements.

One study conducted back in 2016 evaluated the effects of transdermal CBD on joint pain resulting from arthritis. Given that arthritis is one of the leading causes of joint damage, knowing that CBD can be used to treat it is a remarkable discovery. While the study was conducted on rats rather than humans, the results proved promising. Furthermore, the study confirmed that topical application of CBD provides relief from arthritis-related swelling and pain in the joints. Essentially, CBD creams for treating joint pain boils down to taking the cream and applying it to the area surrounding the joints to enjoy the pain reduction effects.

Applying CBD Cream

Further studies have been conducted on CBD rather than the sort applied topically that confirm its ability to help with joint pain. The CBD itself interacts with the human endocannabinoid system to trigger anti-inflammatory responses, just as it did in the rats from the study. The ECS signals our bodies to unleash a chemical reaction to swelling and pain, and CBD helps set the ECS off and trigger the anti-inflammatory response. Once our bodies are told to begin the healing process, you will find that the pain you are suffering from will start to die down as your body heals. Given that inflammation can cause a significant amount of irritation and pain around the joints, CBD’s ability to trigger the body’s anti-inflammatory response is a fantastic benefit.

The fact that the benefits of dermal application CBD have only been tested on animals might make it seem unreliable. Although, its proven anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects for conditions as severe as arthritis make it undeniably useful. With any luck, there will be more human trials soon that will enable us to cement our understanding of CBD cream’s effectiveness in mitigating joint pain. However, with the evidence currently available, it is safe to say that the answer to this article’s central question is “yes.” CBD creams have the potential to alleviate joint pain. The only significant difference is that it will take a little longer to absorb the effects since you rely on dermal absorption rather than ingestion or inhalation. The real trick is knowing what to look for in a quality CBD cream.

What to Look For in a CBD Cream

CBD products, while highly beneficial, require a little more scrutiny to ensure that they do not cause more issues than they solve. Poorly cultivated CBD and the products made from them could be harmful to your health, so you need to keep track of specific details before committing to a product. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with a defective product rife with unhealthy or harmful compounds. One of the first things to check is the dosage information printed on the cream’s container for important details. The dosage information for a specific product offers more than just the recommended amount of product to use.

The printed dosage information allows you to get insight into the potency of the CBD within the product and, therefore, how much you might need. The potency of CBD is directly affected by your tolerance to it, so if you have a history of CBD use, your tolerance might be higher. Conversely, if you are only just beginning to use CBD, you will have a much lower tolerance. CBD creams with high potency are ideal for the former, whereas the latter will need to temper their dosage accordingly to avoid overwhelming your system. Potency and dosage are only one aspect of CBD use that you need to remember.

CBD Infused Cream

Another significant concern you might have involves making sure that the CBD cream you are using has only the ingredients and compounds you want to be taking. Fortunately, you can easily verify this if you are going through a reputable vendor. Because cannabis plants are full of compounds with varying effects and are subject to the same issues as any plant in terms of the environment while being grown, they are prone to toxin exposure. Pesticides, heavy metals in the soil, and even poor refinement can lead to unwanted ingredients in the cream being sold. This is why reputable vendors tend to attach certificates of analysis to their products.

These COAs are laboratory analyses of the products that provide an in-depth breakdown of the exact chemical composition of the CBD. It will tell you precisely what percentage of non-CBD chemicals and compounds are in the product. This way, you can be utterly confident that the product you plan to purchase is safe to administer to your skin. CBD creams have the same risks and are just as liable to have a COA to help you make sure you are investing your money in a worthwhile product.

Lastly, you will want to keep an eye on the price of the cream you intend to purchase. While it might be tempting to aim for a cheaper option, you might regret this down the line. An overly cheap cream will likely come from poorer cannabis stock and have a fraction of the effectiveness as a higher quality product. Conversely, purchasing an expensive cream might leave you with fewer funds and a product that is no more effective than a more reasonably priced alternative. A quality CBD cream should cost you no more than $55.00 to $60.00. Anything beyond that is likely overpriced. If you perform your due diligence in this regard, the only concerns will be about the known side effects of CBD itself.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Cream?

CBD products have often been scrutinized for potential side effects that the typical consumer would prefer to avoid. One of the most commonly cited misconceptions about CBD products is that they risk intoxicating the user. Although, such a response in the average CBD product is improbable since the amount of THC inside supplements is regulated never to exceed 0.3% at most. The exact concentration of THC can easily be verified using the COAs we mentioned earlier. However, CBD itself might have a few adverse effects worth being aware of for safety’s sake.

Back in 2017, a data review collated a list of the most common side effects associated with CBD in general. It was found that, in very rare cases, CBD could induce lethargy, weight loss, loss of appetite, and possible diarrhea. Although, these side effects were a rarity, and they were also less common than those experienced in mainstream pharmaceuticals used to treat the same conditions that CBD is used for. These side effects were also generally the result of ingested or inhaled CBD rather than topically applied supplements like skin creams.

Skin Cream Side Effect

Skin creams do come with one potential side effect unique to them. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin creams, regardless of CBD content, could cause contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is little more than a skin rash and is not a severe consequence of skin lotion. However, those who employ CBD creams to alleviate their joint pain might find a small rash outbreak forming on the applied area. Otherwise, CBD creams are perfectly safe if you purchase them from a reputable source.

X-perience CBD

While not the most common supplement form, CBD creams have established their place in the industry. Their ability to treat joint pain is still being studied to ensure the effects are as beneficial as the more traditional CBD supplements currently on the market. While CBD creams will take a little longer to take effect, the current science confirms that topically applied CBD can offer relief from joint pain. The use of CBD creams is relatively simple, and their results, while still being evaluated, are too remarkable to deny. Understanding the benefits of CBD creams is only the first step to any supplement’s use, albeit an essential one. The only remaining question is where to purchase a reliable product for your needs.

Fortunately, we at Neuro XPF are here to help in that regard. We offer a wide assortment of CBD products ranging from edibles to vape fluid, designed to maximize the benefits of cannabis with no risk. Among our products are several topical products that you can use to introduce the effects of CBD to your body.

Neuro XPF CBD Products

All of our products have a certificate of analysis on a batch-by-batch basis, so you can be confident that purchasing the product is 100% safe. Before introducing any new substances to your daily routine, you should consult your primary care physician to ensure you do not have an allergy that might adversely affect your health. Otherwise, feel free to visit our website and browse our wares so you can x-perience the best CBD in the game.