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CBD Gummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Get Started

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CBD Gummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Get Started

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CBD Gummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Get Started

CBD is becoming more and more popular every passing year due to its medicinal benefits. However, with this popularity comes the issue of intake, as there are several ways one can introduce CBD to their system. There are all kinds of options, from oil tinctures to cartridges for the vape device of your choice. In addition, edible CBD supplements are also on the rise in various forms that make introducing CBD a much more straightforward and more enjoyable endeavor.

One of the most popular forms of CBD edibles today are the gummies readily sold at dispensaries the world over. However, finding the right gummies to get started on your CBD journey can be pretty challenging when so many variants are available.

With this article, we hope to guide you on how to best begin your CBD gummy journey.

Can CBD Gummies Induce a “High?”

Now, some of you might have concerns about using CBD as a health supplement due to the association of CBD and marijuana to recreational drug use. However, this fear is unfounded as CBD is a separate compound found within cannabis plants, distinct from the compounds that result in intoxication. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a unique component found in cannabis plants worldwide. CBD is renowned for improving the quality of life for various issues.

CBD Gummies

The compound responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a psychoactive compound known for inducing the effects with which marijuana is commonly associated. However, CBD gummies do not use THC in any capacity unless specified otherwise. In addition, CBD gummies exclude THC in most cases since most licensed CBD products are prohibited from including THC.

So, your standard CBD gummy will only contain the CBD and offer no psychoactive effects whatsoever. So, there is no risk of experiencing intoxication from a licensed CBD product.

What Can CBD Be Used For?

Now, if you are looking into using CBD gummies to start with, it is likely that you are curious whether or not CBD can be used to treat your issues first. CBD can be used for various problems and conditions that might make things less than pleasant in your life. One of the most common issues that CBD can be used for is using it to relieve pain. Cannabis has been used since 2900 B.C. for precisely that. So, CBD’s use as a pain relief supplement has persisted and been reinvigorated since its legalization in the United States.

What Can CBD Be Used For

CBD can also minimize the effects of nausea and even reduce symptoms associated with certain cancers. Specifically, any pain and nausea brought about by cancer and its treatment. In other cases, CBD can be used to mitigate and even prevent epileptic seizures, making it a precious solution for many users who have epilepsy. However, physical ailments are not the only things CBD can use. There are more than a few psychological issues that CBD may help with.

Specifically, CBD has improved mood and even counter depressive episodes. In more extreme cases, CBD can be used to mitigate the effects of mental health issues like schizophrenia and psychosis-related problems. The number of benefits CBD offers is vast and finding ways to introduce it to your system quickly is essential for maximizing these benefits.

The Dosage

The first thing that likely needs to be addressed is the exact CBD dosage found within your gummies. This dosage would typically dictate the number of gummies you consume per day, and you would think such information would be straightforward. Unfortunately, this is a more complex facet of your CBD needs than you might expect. Our bodies actively react to the substance in the same way it reacts to alcohol in terms of adaptation. The reality is that there is no set scientific value for what concentration of CBD is needed to enjoy its full range of effects.

Eating a Gummy Bear

This phenomenon means “who you are” will determine what concentration of CBD will affect you. Your age, sex, and physical state will all impact how CBD is absorbed by your body and the rate at which you build a tolerance. As your tolerance increases, so does the amount of CBD required to feel its effects. Additionally, the reason behind your decision to take CBD might also affect how much you need daily. Simply put, there is no recommended dosage to cite because there are too many variables on the part of the consumer.

On average, gummies will have around 25mg of CBD per unit. If you have no prior history with CBD, then the low dosage will allow you to gauge your early tolerance and build up the number of gummies you need as you progress. Start with a single gummy a day to see how it affects you, and add more as your tolerance increases.

Once you have found the correct dosage that provides the needed effects with the least amount of gummies, stick to it, and enjoy. However, when it comes to gummies, the dosage is not the only thing that will affect results. And if you need a slightly higher dose than someone else, it does not mean there is an issue with you. It simply means that your metabolism processes CBD differently.

How Long to Feel Effects?

More than likely, you have heard many people claim that the edibles they have consumed have no effect due to a lack of potency, only for them to be taken aback by its results. Many first-time CBD consumers might ask how long it will take for the CBD to kick in. This delay has nothing to do with CBD concentration in the gummy and everything to do with how the body processes edible CBD supplements. Unlike vapes, where you absorb the CBD directly into the lungs, edibles need to take the long way into the human system.

How Long to Feel Effects

Most people have the misconception that CBD products, no matter the type, are meant to kick in immediately so you can quickly reap the benefits. However, this line of thinking is a huge error when dealing with CBD edibles. The reality is that edibles will take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to get into your system. The reason for this timeline is that you have to digest the gummy before the CBD can start working its way into your system. Unfortunately, experimenting with starting doses can cause people to believe the gummies are ineffective.

Much like how physiological factors like weight and sex impact the dosage, so too is your metabolism and how quickly you digest the CBD gummies. So, when experimenting with your initial dosage, be sure to wait the 30-to-60-minute period before writing it off as a dosage that is too low. If the initial dose does not affect that period, you would want to add a few more milligrams to verify. However, experimenting with CBD edibles requires patience as they take time for the body to process.

The most significant advantage of the unfortunate wait time of digesting your CBD supplement is that the effects last much longer than any other CBD intake medium. Waiting for the CBD to take effect has further relevance to more than ascertaining if they function. They also impact the timing. Because your body has to break down the CBD and distribute it, it remains in your system until your body eventually renews itself.

When to Take the Gummies

Given that CBD gummies can take up to an hour to affect your system, you need to plan on when you want to take them to maximize their impact. Another aspect of this is why you plan on taking the CBD in the first place. For example, if you take CBD for stress and mood management, you might be more inclined to take your CBD earlier in the day rather than later. Especially on days where you have work.

When to Take Gummies

In cases like this, you would want to plan to take your CBD gummies within a 30-to-60-minute window before leaving for your morning commute, so the effects are active before you arrive at the office. Then, you could easily add your daily dose of gummies to your breakfast without much issue. It would be akin to taking vitamins in the morning, as most did as children. Alternatively, if you want to use CBD to improve your sleep pattern, it may be best for you to take the supplements within the same 30 minute/1 hour window before going to bed.

Timing the consumption of the gummies around your specific needs is essential to make sure that the effects do not dissipate before they are most needed. However, you can schedule not everything in such a manner. For example, taking CBD for pain management would require you to take the gummies when the pain begins to flare up. Meaning you would have to endure the waiting period in pain unless you had a way of knowing when the pain was liable to rise. However, the best time for your CBD gummies is based on you at the end of the day, and there is no method set in stone.

Are There Side Effects?

Introducing a new supplement to your diet can always be uncertain. Especially if you are not sure if it comes with any side effects or issues that might negatively impact your overall health. This question leads to whether or not CBD is safe for consumption or can cause complications down the line. Fortunately, CBD has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and approved as safe for human consumption. However, this does not mean that CBD is free of side effects.

Are There Side Effects

While the side effects of CBD are reasonably uncommon and are not likely to affect you, you should be on the lookout for any of the following symptoms after introducing CBD to your system:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea

The above symptoms are not necessarily life-threatening but should be taken as a sign to reduce your CBD intake somewhat should they manifest. Too much CBD can make it more challenging to function, which makes finding the ideal dosage for your needs an essential step of the intake process. However, the odds of developing these side effects are minimal so long as you maintain a moderate intake. So, you should be able to enjoy your CBD gummies with minimal risk of experiencing these side effects or complications. So, the only real issue left is finding a brand of gummies that works for you.

X-perience CBD

CBD gummies are on the rise as one of the most effective tools available for introducing CBD to one’s system. The effects of CBD for treating ailments both physical and mental are too beneficial to be disregarded, so your curiosity about CBD gummies is reasonable. The basic rule of thumb is to determine the effective dosage for your system and ensure a regular regimen to maximize the benefits of CBD in your system. Measuring your dosage is the most significant challenge – you’ll have to find a CBD gummy that is ideal for you by ensuring a reasonable milligram count per gummy.

Experience CBD

At Neuro XPF would like to direct your attention to our brand of CBD-infused gummies. Our gummies offer 25mg per gummy and a capsule count of 30 per bottle that ensures a total of 750mg per bottle with a sweet taste that you are sure to enjoy. So, if you are eager to begin your CBD journey, check out our website and x-perience a highly effective CBD gummy for your needs.