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FAQ: What Does Taking CBD Feel Like?

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FAQ: What Does Taking CBD Feel Like?

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FAQ: What Does Taking CBD Feel Like?

With more and more CBD products becoming available for general consumption, it is more likely than not that you have at least heard of a few. However, hearing of a product and understanding it are two very different things.

CBD has only really become a recent trend due to the once comprehensive legal restriction on cannabis plants and all of their byproducts. This means that you most likely do not have experience with what exactly it feels like to use the products that feature CBD as a key ingredient.

With the uncertainty involved in the experience you might have with CBD, it would not shock anyone that you might be a little cautious before giving it a try yourself. With this article, we hope to provide some insight into how exactly it feels to take CBD and what it might mean for your daily routine.

The Elephant in the Room

Now, we know where the primary source of this question is coming from. For years, cannabis plants have been renowned for the psychoactive qualities that have earned them a near-permanent place amongst recreational intoxicants. As a result, we recognize that some people might be hesitant to use CBD-based products for fear of being exposed to intoxicants found within. Fortunately, there is some information that might alleviate those concerns completely.

CBD is an abbreviation for a specific compound found within cannabis plants called cannabidiol. While CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids found in the plant, it does not possess any psychoactive traits. The compound that is responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis is known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Without the THC, cannabis would have no psychoactive qualities whatsoever, rendering it little more than a host for the more medically oriented cannabinoids.

Holding Cannabis Plant

CBD products are designed to offer the health benefits associated with this specific cannabinoid. They will, therefore, have very little in the way of THC depending on the type of CBD being used. Federal mandates ensure that the absolute maximum concentration of THC in a CBD product does not exceed 0.3% at maximum. Even then, the only CBD products that reach that limit use full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD contains only trace amounts of THC and is, therefore, the closest you will get to a CBD product completely devoid of THC.

Even if you choose a full-spectrum CBD product, the low concentration means that you would need to consume an excess of the product to elicit a “high” feeling. So, while we are discussing what it feels like to take CBD products, we can safely claim that intoxication is something you will not feel when using CBD.

What Physical Sensation Does CBD Produce?

Now we come to the true question that brought you to our article. Given the fact that THC is what causes the intoxication associated with cannabis, the only lingering question is how CBD affects your senses. The simplest answer is that it presents no serious sensations or effects that you will particularly be able to detect. It produces no physiological effects that will alter how you would ordinarily feel unless you take it for a specific reason.

One of the most commonly cited uses for CBD products is pain management. This is also one of the few instances in which CBD products might yield a physical response from your body. In fact, this particular use of CBD dates as far back as 2900 B.C., when ancient humans actively used CBD to alleviate pain from injuries. This makes it one of the few responses tracked in the human body. When taking CBD products for pain, you are likely to feel like you have been taking aspirin.

Man With Physical Pain

However, it is not instantaneous. CBD products take time to begin relieving pain, which can change depending on the intake method you favor. CBD is effective as a pain relief medication that can be tracked to a part of the human immune system called the endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for directing sleep, appetite, the sensation of pain, and our immune response to foreign particles. By using CBD to jumpstart the endocannabinoid system of your body, you enjoy a greater capacity for pain relief than you might naturally find.

There has even been research showing that there might be a correlation between the use of CBD and relief from rheumatic diseases. For example, a study once surveyed 2,701 individuals who had fibromyalgia, in which one group was given CBD to tend to the pain. The group using CBD to treat their condition found that they enjoyed a greater degree of relief from their symptoms.

Ultimately, the number of physical sensations associated with CBD is minimal. You will likely experience decreased pain and even reduced inflammation from anything causing you pain when you take it. Aside from that, the results will be more or less difficult to detect unless you are actively aware of a sensation before the CBD takes effect. However, physical effects are not the only thing CBD can provide.

What Mental Sensation Does CBD Produce?

We have already established that CBD is not a psychoactive compound and will not leave you intoxicated. However, this does not mean that it cannot offer some form of mental effect. Fortunately, the mental effects of CBD are primarily beneficial, which has led to it becoming a popular tool in the regulation of mental health disorders. Unfortunately, mental well-being is one of the most difficult things to manage due to the relative uncertainty surrounding the field of psychology, the variables of each individual, and the complications that can arise from most mainstream pharmaceuticals.

CBD supplements in treating mental health disorders ranging from anxiety to depression have risen in prominence in the last decade. In addition to being a less chemically intensive product like common pharmaceuticals, CBD has a lesser chance of causing a dependency. However, as we previously stated, the use of CBD will require a degree of patience before you start to feel the effects take hold and relieve your feelings of anxiety.

That said, CBD has been documented to provide many mental relief effects that you might deeply want to enjoy. For example, at one point, a study conducted in Brazil studied a test group of 57 men who were to complete a public speaking scenario after being given either a CBD supplement or a placebo. Those men given the dose of CBD demonstrated lessened anxiety levels during the speaking scenario, while the placebo group saw no result.

Woman Experiencing Relaxation

CBD has even begun to be used as an additional supplement for treating insomnia. While CBD is not a compound that possesses a drowsing effect, it has been known to relax the mental state of those who take it so they can get to sleep more easily. This effect even extends to keeping them calm as they sleep, so they have a more restful night. However, the most remarkable study has to do with one of the most debilitating mental health issues ever identified.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is easily one of the most devastating conditions you can have diagnosed. After all, it leaves you haunted by a previous life event that directly interferes with how you can live your life in the future. So, the discovery that CBD can serve as a potential tool in combatting it is an incredibly important revelation to the world of mental health. In 2019, this information was corroborated by a study that found that CBD could reduce PTSD-induced nightmares and other symptoms in adults.

On top of all of this, information suggests that CBD can improve symptoms associated with depression. While CBD’s use as an antidepressant is still very much being studied, the promising results of CBD on mental health disorders cannot be discounted. So, taking CBD can make you feel less anxious and depressed when taken responsibly.

As you might have guessed, CBD is becoming quite a powerful tool for maintaining and healing the human condition both physically and mentally. All without the risk of finding yourself intoxicated just for trying to alleviate your pain or anxiety. However, there is still plenty to learn when taking advantage of CBD’s benefits.

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects?

Now that we have a grasp on what kind of sensations you can expect from taking a CBD supplement of some sort, it becomes a matter of knowing when you will feel them. We realize we might sound like a broken record here, but CBD will not immediately take effect after you have introduced it to your system. This is because your body needs to process the CBD entering it before disseminating the compounds that yield the desired effects.

As for how long it takes for CBD to kick in, it is subject to another variable of your CBD experience. The most important part of how long it will take for you to start enjoying the effects of CBD lies in the intake method you have elected to use. Each method causes your body to process the CBD differently, with each one bringing specific advantages and disadvantages. There are currently two major intake methods for CBD and corresponding products. The 1st intake method is ingesting the CBD, whereas the second involves the inhalation of CBD.

Putting CBD In Drink

The ingestion of CBD can be done through edible supplements or taking advantage of CBD oil. Ingesting CBD has the major drawback of taking the longest period for your body to process. This is because your body has to digest and process the CBD before it can yield any physical or mental benefits. One way to circumvent this is to place the CBD oil under your tongue, which shaves some time off the processing time. However, while it might take longer to feel the effects, the effects last longer since your body has to expel the CBD the same way you expel your food.

The inhalation of CBD is the inverse of ingestion. While inhaling CBD takes the shortest period, it is more quickly expelled from your body. The reason is that inhalation deposits the CBD particles into your bloodstream via the lungs. However, the bloodstream renews itself more regularly than your stomach and intestines expel what you have consumed. Ultimately, the ideal method depends on how quickly you need the results and what options you have for actually taking it at any given moment. After all, you can hardly down an edible in the middle of a meeting with your boss.

X-perience the Best CBD Has to Offer

CBD’s effects, while highly beneficial, seldom alter your physical or mental state to the point that you feel much different. At most, it will suppress negative sensations like pain and anxiety without leaving you disoriented. Understanding that CBD will not have you stumbling in your day-to-day life means that you can safely enjoy its effects without much worry. If you feel more assured about taking CBD, the real question becomes how to acquire a CBD product for your specific needs safely.

Neuro XPF CBD Products

For that, we at Neuro XPF would like to invite you to check out our website for our assortment of CBD products. We offer options ranging from ingestible gummies and oil to vape fluid for those who prefer the inhalation method. Each of our products comes with certificates of analysis that you can review to ensure that there is no more than the absolute maximum federally-authorized concentration of THC. Essentially, we offer certainty and safety with each of our products. So, if you are looking to take advantage of the many benefits CBD offers, check out our store page and x-perience the best CBD in the game.

Do you have any questions or concerns about what it feels like when taking CBD? Was there anything that we mentioned today that you would like a little more clarification on? If so, please feel free to drop us a line at any time! We understand that if you haven’t used CBD before, you may be a little hesitant, and we would be more than happy to assist you with the process however we possibly can. You can find our contact information right over here, so please feel free to get in touch if you ever feel the need!