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CBD Lip Balm Guide: Benefits, Tips, and Best Practices

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CBD Lip Balm Guide: Benefits, Tips, and Best Practices

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CBD Lip Balm Guide: Benefits, Tips, and Best Practices

Lip balm has long been a product of interest for many people worldwide. Most everyone uses it to remoisturize their lips and increase oral health. Similarly, cannabidiol (CBD) has begun to see wider use than ever before due to its rising health benefits.

However, from these two disparate products has come a marriage between your traditional lip balm and CBD in an attempt to hybridize the effects they have to offer. While an interesting idea, in theory, some question the benefit such a product truly has to offer and how to go about using it for the best results.

With so many CBD products available on the market, it is not unreasonable to want some information regarding new ones. With this article, we hope to provide some information on the benefits of CBD lip balm and how to use it properly.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Lip Balm?

Lip balm is commonly employed for the sake of lip health. Lips require a certain moisture level to remain healthy, but this moisture can quickly dry out for people living in arid or humid environments. This leads to the common issue of chapped lips. While many might commonly assume that this can be easily corrected by simply licking your lips, this can exacerbate the issue rather than fix it. The reason is that saliva evaporates more rapidly than most forms of water, and your lips dry out even quicker.

This is why lip balm has grown to such prominence for so many. It serves as an effective remoisturizing agent for lips without bearing the rapid evaporation saliva has. That said, you might want to consider seeking out a lip balm that does not have flavoring unless you have excellent self-control. Flavored lip balm might otherwise entice you to lick your lips for the taste. However, the benefits of lip balm are merely one aspect of what we are discussing.

CBD, a compound found in cannabis plants, has been heavily researched since it was approved for medicinal use. This research has revealed that CBD can provide many health benefits previously thought to be the sole domain of traditional pharmaceuticals. While most of the benefits associated with CBD require ingestion or inhalation, a few can be achieved via topical application via lip balm. Additionally, it is still possible to get some of the more traditional benefits CBD has to offer since you will inevitably ingest some of the CBD from your lips.

Applying CBD Lip Balm

One of the major benefits CBD offers is its effects on inflammation. Studies have corroborated CBD intake with the reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which is simply a fancy way of saying that they prevent inflammation in the body. When combined with a topical agent like lip balm, this anti-inflammatory effect is translated to the inflammation suffered from chapped lips that can induce pain. This means that the most immediate benefit afforded uniquely to CBD lip balm is a soothing anti-inflammatory effect to accompany all of the traditional advantages that lip balm normally has to offer.

On a lesser level, CBD lip balm might also be an effective tool for pain management around the lips. CBD is known to reduce pain levels by interacting with our nervous system. However, the human body’s inflammatory response produces a painful sensation. So, by taking advantage of the anti-inflammatory effects of the lip balm, you will also be able to manage the pain caused by severely chapped lips or other inflammation around the mouth. However, this particular effect is still being researched.

Even though CBD lip balm can offer some medicinally relevant benefits, it is irrelevant if you are not aware of the best way to apply it. Ordinary lip balm might have some limitations, but overuse of CBD might be something worth avoiding.

How to Make Use of CBD Lip Balm

Making use of CBD lip balm is a little different than making use of the standard products you find at grocery stores. The sole reason for this change is the CBD content changing the product on a fundamental level.

CBD is a relatively new face in the personal health scene due to the years that cannabis plants and their compounds spent as an illicit substance with most federal governments. So, finding the correct CBD dosage remains an inexact science that requires a fair amount of trial and error.

Several traditional factors apply to finding the correct dosage of CBD, such as personal biochemistry, height, weight, age, etc. However, with CBD lip balm, using the product requires you to take things somewhat slowly. Therefore, it should be gradually introduced to your daily routine rather than slathered on with reckless abandon whenever your lips feel chapped.

In all honesty, this practice should be employed with traditional lip balms. Still, the CBD content makes this a little more important, especially since your body will start to adapt to the CBD and begin to require increased concentrations to get the effects. Starting with too much can skew your tolerance.

Holding Lip Balm

As for the actual application of the lip balm, it is no different from any other lip balm you might have made use of in your life. Take a small amount of the balm on your fingers and use it to apply a thin layer to your lips. It is also important to check your lips after using a new product to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction to any ingredients. This will be a case-by-case issue rather than a widespread one, but it should be checked regardless. That is, essentially, the long and short version of the application.

Like normal lip balms, you can reuse the product as needed throughout the day. However, we cannot recommend overusing lip balm regardless of whether or not CBD is present. Too much lip balm can lead to a vicious cycle in which the chapping worsens in response to overzealous use.

That said, knowing how to apply CBD lip balm is not the same as having all of the information you need to navigate the product successfully. There are a few additional bits of information you might want to consider before making a purchase.

General Tips About CBD Lip Balm

If you are looking into purchasing CBD lip balm for your needs to not only moisturize your lips but also tend to potential inflammation, you need to be privy to certain details about the industry to be sure you do not face any dishonest practices. We think the best place to start is by addressing the price range. CBD products are traditionally expensive due to the cultivation of cannabis compounds being an expensive endeavor.

However, CBD lip balm tends to average at around $10.00 a unit. This makes it one of the cheaper options for introducing CBD benefits to your daily routine. Unfortunately, there might be some vendors who will attempt to capitalize on the CBD and overcharge. If you come across a product that charges above the $10.00 price tag, check to see any additional ingredients. There might be more in there than you are bargaining for that would explain the price hike. Otherwise, it is simply dishonest business practices.

Speaking of ingredients, another helpful tip is to keep an eye out for balms that feature ingredients like beeswax. Beeswax is a natural alternative to compounds like petroleum to maintain moisture. Opting for a beeswax base will ensure you enjoy all the benefits of lip balm with more natural ingredients. This focus is less of a hard requirement and more just something to consider if you prefer the naturalistic approach.

CBD Infused Lip Balm

Another tip is worth noting that relates to a significant misunderstanding surrounding CBD. Many people avoid CBD products for the sole purpose of not wanting to fall under the intoxication associated with marijuana. However, CBD is not marijuana and is simply a compound found within cannabis plants. While marijuana does come from cannabis plants, the psychoactive ingredient that leads to the intoxicating effect is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While it is true that it is not possible to filter THC out of CBD products completely, they are typically regulated so that the THC concentration in any individual product is no higher than 0.3%.

With that low concentration, you would need to ingest an entire store’s stock of CBD products even to come close to the effect induced by marijuana. However, if you have concerns regarding the THC concentration in CBD in your lip balm, reputable CBD vendors are known to provide certificates of analysis from a laboratory on their website to show the levels of every compound in the product. Not only will this show precisely how much THC is in the product, but evidence that there are no toxins or contaminants to worry about either.

COAs are especially important since the Federal Drug Administration does not currently provide any safety guarantees for CBD products on the market. Therefore, ensuring that the vendor you intend to purchase from provides a COA on their product will protect you from purchasing harmful CBD products that have not undergone the proper analysis.

Are There Side Effects?

Safety is paramount when it comes to introducing any new product to your daily routine. So, being aware of any potential side effects a product possesses is an essential step to ensuring its safe consumption. The same is true of CBD products like lip balm. CBD has been tested, but the FDA has done very little testing itself, given the fact that CBD is still an extremely limited substance in the country. The tests that have been conducted have found that CBD is considered a safe substance for human use. However, there is a potential for side effects and issues. In extremely rare cases, there have been documented instances of:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea

These side effects are not common enough to be a major issue, but this is part of what makes gradual introduction such an important step. Additionally, some people can suffer from an allergy to CBD and its products, like any substance.

Man Suffering From Fatigue

Ultimately, the best thing to do is consult with your primary care physician before you consider adding any new product to your daily regimen to ensure you do not suffer from an allergy before committing to a purchase. With all this information, you are now equipped to begin the search for CBD lip balm or any other CBD products you might desire.

X-perience CBD

CBD lip balm does have its place in CBD products, and it can offer bonuses to the traditional uses of regular lip balms. Obviously, you will want to take things one day at a time, but the odds are better than not that you will find yourself with a long-term tool against chapped lips and inflammation. CBD is an ever-growing field, and newer products are frequently coming. Taking advantage of the proverbial “green rush” could be in your best interest. However, even if you have decided to begin using CBD products, you might still question where to acquire them.

Neuro XPF CBD Lip Balm

To that end, we at Neuro XPF are here to help. We offer a wide assortment of CBD products, including lip balms, vape fluid, and gummies alike. Every batch has an attached COA that allows you to know exactly what you are introducing to your system before you make the purchase. If you are interested in taking advantage of CBD, we can be a one-stop-shop for all your needs. So, check out our website today and x-perience the best CBD has to offer.

Do you have any potential questions about CBD lip balm, its uses, or anything similar on the overall topic? Would you like a little more clarification on anything we touched on in this article? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us at any time! We’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions and clear up any concerns you may be having! You can find all of our contact information right over here! We greatly look forward to assisting you however we possibly can!